Ms. Asma

“My passion for teaching blossoms from my love for children. Their innocence and desire to discover are a few of the many reasons that I chose this career path. I hope to dedicate my time and effort here at Children’s House to help the children grow into intelligent, strong and independent individuals.”

Montessori Teacher

Education: B.A. in Philosophy, French, and Economics, University of Karachi

Montessori Credentials: Early Childhood Credentials (AMS) / Northern Virginia Montessori Institute (NVMI) in Ashburn, VA / 2019

Ms. Asma is a Montessori Teacher in the Sunset room. She discovered her zeal for teaching many years ago when she dropped her son, now grown, at his first day of Montessori school in her hometown of Karachi, Pakistan. She later worked at a Montessori school as an aide, prior to moving to the United States in 2015.

“My love for sugary desserts and sweets is unparalleled. It is beyond comprehension and I remember on one of our religious festivals (Eid), our chef baked a cake which was topped with 50-100 beautiful marzipan roses. I was so mesmerized by the roses that I sneaked into our kitchen and ate every single one of them before any guest could! I must say, that sugar rush lasted ages!” 

Asma is married and has three children. She loves the outdoors, and is an ardent traveler who has had the privilege of visiting various countries, including Turkey (her favorite!) and and the city of Mecca. She loves all the shades of pink and aqua blue, spending time with her family, and enjoying animals and nature.

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