Ms. Kari

“I enjoy teaching at Children’s House for many reasons.  Most important to me is working with like-minded adults whose number one priority is the children.  Our students are respected and loved.  They are nurtured and guided towards independence.  This is the Montessori Method and staff adheres to it as closely as possible.”

Montessori Teacher

Education: Radford University

Montessori Credentials: Early Childhood (AMS) / Northern Virginia Montessori Institute at Belmont Greene, 2010

In addition to being a Lead Teacher in classrooms over the last decade, Kari Kilcullen has free-lanced as a Montessori Consultant.  She has helped start a school from the ground up, serving as the Acting Director, and in that capacity, she wrote the curriculum for the new program and had the opportunity to share her knowledge of Montessori with her staff.  She is a co-teacher in the Sunrise Room.

Kari is the mother of a teenage daughter who attended Montessori school until 6th grade. Researching for her own child’s education is what initially led Kari to learn about the Montessori Method. The more she learned, the more she realized that Montessori would be a good fit – not just for her daughter, but for herself.

Prior to her Montessori career, Kari worked in business management, writing, and the visual arts.  She is currently the Director and Curator of a local art gallery and finds her past and present work experience are relevant in a school setting. Kari enjoys sharing her love of art and creativity with the children.

“I grew up in Vienna with a large yard with tiered gardens and many apple and other fruit trees.  Playing and exploring there was my greatest joy. Before there was such a thing as “extreme” sports, my Dad and I made our own version of croquet that allowed for many intense moves.  Much to my moms chagrin, we utilized the many levels of flower beds and large trees like a pinball machine.” 

Kari loves pizza, pop surrealist art, cross stitching, and the movie Blade Runner!

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