Ms. Tessa

“The Montessori method shares fundamental beliefs with the philosophy of yoga, and for this reason I cannot think of a better population to teach. CHMS of Reston is an incredibly supportive environment that aims to teach young students to support themselves with integrity, kindness, and creativity. The quality of care and teaching has impressed me from the very start, and I am excited to offer complimentary tools for physical and emotional well-being.”

Musical Yoga Teacher

Education: Temple University and George Mason University

Tessa is a professional musician and yoga teacher. She has cultivated a unique yoga practice that intertwines the voice, music, and yoga postures. Tessa has been teaching children since 2015 and designing musical yoga curriculae for kids since 2017. She offers music and yoga as tools for children to develop physical, social, and emotional awareness.

Tessa has lived in Fairfax County since 2005, and is now situated in Reston. She loves the outdoors, and creates lesson plans based on the movement of the seasons.

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