Lunch, Snack, and Naps

Children will bring their own lunch, as usual, but now packed in a disposable bag, with each item in the bag packed in a disposable bag as well. Nothing will be sent home.

Even three year olds need to be able to open all of their items by themselves. For example, if your child has difficulty opening a cheese stick wrapper, please take it out of the original plastic wrapping and put it in a baggie. This way, teachers can avoid touching any containers and food.

For drinks, please only send flip top thermos water bottles with water. Children may use the sink to refill throughout the day and we will send them home each day for you to wash. If you forget to bring a thermos of water the children will be offered water from school. However, we urge you to send a bottle each day for children to have with them.

Teachers will not be able to keep special drinks or other food items in the fridge. Please make all preparations for your child to be as independent as possible with all items disposable.

Your child will also bring a snack for mid-morning, and if your child stays all day, they should bring a second snack to be eaten at 2:30. These snacks must be packed completely disposable, so a few crackers in a baggie and a piece of fruit for each snack will work well. Please prepare the fruit so your child can be as independent as possible. Slice the apples, peel the oranges, cut the grapes, etc. If you label each snack as “snack 1” and “snack 2” this eliminates any confusion for the children.

If your child will be taking a nap, their SMALL blanket must be able to fit into a small box that we will provide. This way the children can manage their own belongings and keep them separate from the others in the nap room. Blankets will be sent home once a month for washing. We will forgo sleepy toys for now in the interest of not spreading germs.

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