Schedules, Closures, and Outbreaks

Our daily schedule will basically stay the same. The changes in arrival and departure times are to give us time to sanitize the entire building after each day’s use. This will be a learning process for us, so please be patient while we figure out what works best.

If outbreaks occur in our community, we will follow the guidelines of the Fairfax County Health Department. Our understanding, however, is that the school must close for a 14 day quarantine.

Parents should prepare for these occurrences and, to the best of our ability, we will move to an online format in order to continue academic lessons and foster connection with children and teachers. While we understand this is not the ideal method, until the CDC and the Health Department say otherwise, this “School at Home” format may occasionally need to be used in times of closure.

Please understand that tuition is expected to be paid regardless of whether we are in school or online. We still have all of our financial responsibilities regardless of where we interact with the children.

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