Social Distancing and Use of Masks

Even though the principles of social distancing are in direct contrast to the Montessori philosophy, our teachers are ready to do what it takes to keep children safe in our environment.

Our main goal with social distancing is to minimize the transfer of bodily fluids from one person to another, as much as possible. This will require us to touch each other and the things in the classroom as little as possible. Our plan to accomplish this, as recommended by the Department of Social Services, is for each child to bring their own supplies such as crayons and scissors, so no one will share supplies with anyone else. The supply list follows these policies. The children will store their supplies in their cubbies and work in a designated space in the classroom. 

All teachers and children are required to wear masks. We know we will have a learning curve with this and will work with the children to be successful. Please start practicing mask wearing at home several weeks before your child starts for a smooth transition when school starts. Please provide several spare masks that will stay at school if a change is needed. 

Here is a website that might be helpful. 

We will do our best to minimize close contact between the students and their classmates, however we are aware, as educators, that this may be a difficult thing to do. Children at this age are naturally curious and interested in their classmates’ activities. We will do our best to guide and practice distancing and we appreciate your conversations at home to also help remind your child of this guideline.

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