“The wooded outdoor space cannot be beat: the landscape architect-designed space is the perfect natural place for children to enjoy nature. The school prioritizes outside time with extra-long recess, nature hikes, and gardening where the children learn about creating habitats for animals and caring for Mother Nature. […] We knew CHMS was one of the best preschools with the best Kindergarten program in the area, where each individual child’s needs are met, but this year we have seen the resilience and perseverance of this little but mighty school. CHMS is a very special place.”

Maggie Y., Current CHMS Parent

“Our daughter has been a student there since August 2019 and we have been so happy with the little school. It’s truly a little gem hidden in the Reston woods. You won’t find a happier school that is filled with so much joy, kindness and personal attention for each student and family. Some things have had to change because of the pandemic but I can assure you that the love that those four teachers bring to the building each day has NOT changed. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to pick a school where you can’t walk in and feel the environment, but I am sure that if you could walk into CHMS, you would feel at home.”

Veronica R., Current CHMS Parent

“Every child should have the opportunity to begin their educational journey in place that supports their interests, encourages their natural talents, and inspires their wonder and curiosity. My son felt safe and loved at CHMS and that was so obviously apparent in the way he blossomed and developed during his time at the school.”

Jesse W., Former CHMS Parent

“We have seen our child blossom while attending Children’s House. She is naturally a bit shy and cautious, and she was not having a good time at her former daycare; every morning would be an emotional ordeal during drop off. A week or so after starting Children’s House, we saw a great positive change in her general mood. She is genuinely excited to go to school and loves all of activities and teachings.”

Current CHMS Parent

“I highly recommend Children’s House Montessori School of Reston! The teachers are kind and supportive to each child, truly encouraging each to their strengths. The school is true to the Montessori mission and it has reflected so positively in our children’s development. My children have thrived under the direction of their educators. I am confident that this school has set a solid foundation for their learning path and that they have developed a true love for learning as a result.”

Craig R., Former CHMS Parent

“CHMS is the perfect school for a growing and developing child! All the teachers are very kind, sweet, and patient to the children. Our child loves it there and looks forward to going every day. In fact, she tells us over any winter/summer breaks that she really wishes she could go to school every day! She has learned so much during her pre-school and pre-K years, the CHMS curriculum really does build on what they’ve learned from the previous year and it’s amazing watching when something clicks in her brain.”

Charles, CHMS Parent

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