What to Look for in a Montessori School

We would like your observation in our school to be as informative as possible. Here are some things to look for:

  • The environment
    • Is the classroom clean and orderly?
    • Are the furnishings child-sized and appropriate?
    • Are the materials easily available to the children?
  • The children
    • Do the children seem happy?
    • Are they free to choose their own work?
    • Are they working with the materials and engaged in learning?
    • Are they concentrating?
    • Are they uninterrupted in their work?
  • The staff
    • Are the teachers pleasant, responsive, and encouraging to the children?
    • Do they listen to the children, and treat them with respect?
    • Do they spend most of their time giving lessons to individuals or small groups of children, or observing the children?
    • Do they appear to love working with children?
  • Other factors
    • Is an extended period of time available for the children to work in the classroom?
    • Is time set aside for group activities and outdoor play?
    • Does this classroom seem like a place where your child would be happy?

Cinthia, our office administrator, will show your our classrooms and playground and be available to answer any questions you may have.