Authentic Montessori in the Heart of Reston

There are so many choices available to parents of young children today! A seemingly endless list of daycares, preschools, Montessori schools, private kindergarten programs, and the list goes on and on… It can be overwhelming! You’re looking for any number of things: location, class size, a program that fits your needs, and you want a school that feels right as well!

At Children’s House Montessori School we check the boxes: we are conveniently located just minutes from Reston Town Center and the Reston-Wiehle Metro station. We have two classes for children ages three to six and each class has approximately twenty students with two or three teachers per class. We follow the Montessori Philosophy, meaning that we adhere to the belief that children learn from their peers and do best in a mixed-age peer grouping. We also believe that the classroom environment should be a dynamic space, filled with movement and stillness, conversation and concentration.

Children begin at the age of three and remain in the same class, with the same peers and teachers, for three years. A sense of “family” is quickly formed in this safe and nurturing environment. As children progress through the three-year cycle, younger children aspire to imitate the older ones in their work and play, while older children have the opportunity to teach their well-learned skills to the younger ones. The third year, the kindergarten year, brings together all that the children have learned in this unique cycle of learning. Click here to learn more about our kindergarten program.

Our dynamic learning environment addresses all your child’s developmental needs: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. Children participate in “group time” activities each day, which foster a feeling of community and encourage cooperation. They receive individual instruction on the materials in the classroom throughout the extended work period. They spend time outside each day, and younger children spend part of their afternoon in peaceful rest. We create a non-competitive environment where children are always encouraged to do their best. Each child is measured only against his own progress. We encourage children to complete their activities rather than compete with others.

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Where the Love of Nature meets the Love of Learning

We love the outdoors and teaching the children all about nature throughout our curriculum and our environment. Our efforts to help children learn to love nature began with our gardening, hiking, and certified Schoolyard Habitat.  Over the past few years, we’ve thoughtfully created an outdoor environment where children can discover, relax, and learn through their interactions with the natural playscape features on our playground.

We have created spaces for the children to explore, dig, build, climb, be quiet and peaceful, and also care for the area where they play. The children love our playground. The benefits of natural spaces for play are numerous, including:

  • Children use their imagination more during play.
  • Children are more active during play when there are natural spaces to explore.
  • Because of the activities they choose to engage in, they tend to work on their fine motor skills during play in addition to the gross motor skills used on play equipment.

Weather-permitting, the children spend lots of time outdoors every day! We go outside before and after lunch and again in the later afternoon for the children who stay for our full-day program. When it snows, we put on snow gear and head outside, and when it’s raining, we’ve been known to get outdoors for a quick run through the drizzle to burn off some energy and get some fresh air!

We understand the importance of time outside, engaging with nature — it is something that we take seriously and have a lot of fun with!

The Hidden Gem of Reston

Northern Virginia – and especially Reston – has grown so rapidly over recent years! It can be hard to feel connected when we all live such busy lives. Having a small school community can be the bridge for many families who are looking to build relationships and establish connections with others in a similar stage of life. At Children’s House we have experienced the joy that comes with a small community of like-minded individuals. We are all here because we believe in the Montessori Philosophy and because we believe that childhood is a precious time of curiosity and exploration.

Our families enjoy being involved in the school and it is not uncommon for families to form lifelong friendships during the time that their children are in our care. Our families return year after year, child after child – many have trusted us with 3 or more children, have been with us for 5-8 years or more. Our teachers are dedicated, educated, experienced with children, and our lead teachers are Montessori trained.

Our family community is strong because we have wonderful families, of course, but we also believe in offering opportunities to spend time getting to know one another through events such as the Ice Cream Social, Parent Coffee, and family picnic at the beginning of each year, our fall and spring festivals, the eagerly awaited Parent Day, and an end-of-year picnic.

If you are looking for a small community of young families, you’ve found us! Schedule a tour with us today and see what sets CHMS apart from the other schools in the area. Come meet with us and you’ll see that we truly are the hidden gem of Reston!

Inspiring Young Artists since 2003

At CHMS we believe that all children are born artists! We first opened our doors in September of 2003 and we have been filling our hallways with art work ever since! Our art program allows even the littlest members of our community to explore and experiment. Throughout the school year we learn about different color groups (primary, secondary, complementary, etc) and offer the children a wide variety of techniques to explore. On any given day, you will find children painting at the easel, drawing at a table, gluing, cutting, experimenting with texture and shape, and reproducing the work of famous artists.

From the time our children join us at age three, they are exposed to the work of such artists as Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Horace Pippin, Henri Matisse, and Georgia O’Keeffe. We read about them, talk about them, and create art in their style. While the younger students might color a replication of “Sunflowers,” by van Gogh, the kindergarteners reproduce their own version of the famous painting with paint, markers, and even torn paper.

In our classrooms, art is a part of our daily life and the art shelves are changed out monthly to ensure that our budding artists always have fresh supplies on hand. The art area is one of the most popular spots in each classroom and we look forward to the various creations that each day brings!

Home Away From Home

We have been a proud member of the Reston community since 2003 and have welcomed many families through our doors over the years. Hear from the parents who have trusted us with their children and read the words they have shared with us:

Words from our families:

“I also need to tell you that Quinn is not the only one who benefited from her time with Children’s House. Our family will be forever grateful for the learning we did while we were a part of your family community. You helped us transition from being parents of a toddler into parents of a school-age child, and your staff always had a smile and supportive words for us.”

“I will never forget all that you have done for my family, for me, and for my children. You gave John such a great start in life and I know he will never forget you. “

“We have been so fortunate to be a part of Children’s House Montessori School. Thank you for holding Liam’s hands and guiding him through the years. He has grown to be a happy, curious, entertaining little man. You have such a special place with an amazing group of people and we thank you for sharing all of your talents and gifts with us.”

“So again I say thank you for the wonderful times, for helping our little flower grow, giving her a safe space to create that which she has inside, for guiding her, loving her, nurturing her and all the wonderful children at CHMS.”