Snack – Children will bring a morning and an afternoon snack from home, labeled as such with a 1 or a 2, in their “go-home” bag each day.  Morning snack is consumed when the child is ready during the Great Work Period.  Afternoon snack is served during our 2:30 circle time before the School Day children go home. For various reasons, yogurt in a cup is preferred over yogurt in a tube and any dairy item should be designated for the morning snack (Snack 1). Please “prep” the opening process to allow for independence, such as putting a cheese stick in a zip lock bag or loosening fruit pouches a bit.   In addition, children should bring a water bottle with fresh water each day.  They are used at snack and lunch, and we encourage the children to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Lunch – Lunch begins at approximately 11:20 and lasts for 30 minutes. Children who stay at school through lunchtime should bring a packed lunch in a completely disposable bag that will be thrown away after lunch.  State regulations require that each container be labeled with the child’s name and with the current date, the latter so that old food is not served to children.  Therefore, please label your child’s lunch bag at home each day with the current date. 

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