Unlike traditional public or private kindergarten programs, our Montessori curriculum is always tailored to each child’s needs. No child is held back in a reading or math group that may not fit their specific needs. He learns at his own pace, and with careful guidance from the teacher, will achieve at a level consistent with his capabilities.

Language and math are at the core of our kindergarten curriculum.  In language, the children progress through learning short vowels in the early years with us, and focus on long vowels and phonograms in kindergarten, leading to weekly reading of stories to volunteer parents. They participate in a writing class on a daily basis, learning how to form the letters and numbers correctly and taking mini “spelling tests.” Creative writing is related to our studies in science and geography and the three field trips we take each year. Math lessons include learning the numbers to 100, understanding the decimal system and performing the four mathematical operations with manipulatives, and lessons on time, money, measurement, temperature, and the calendar.   

Art appreciation is one of the favorite subjects in the kindergarten year. We explore periods of art history and specific artists throughout history through stories, games, and creative expression using a variety of media. For example, the children love painting the large “Japanese Footbridge” by Claude Monet, creating self portraits as did Vincent van Gogh, or painting a huge flower in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. The year ends with a trip to the National Gallery of Art to enjoy the artists we have studied.  Click here to read more about our Kindergarten Art Program.