There is so much to learn in the first few weeks of school! The teachers are busy getting to know their new students, the children are getting adjusted to new rules and expectations, and the parents are trying to remember to sign their child in each day! As your child adjusts to the classroom, here are some things he is learning to do:

1.  Stay in the classroom.

2.  Get out a rug for work or keep his work at his own area on the table.

3.  Listen to directions – and follow them.

4.  Walk with the other children in a line, staying in place.

5.  Wash hands without playing at the sink.

6.  Stop and listen when the bell is rung.

7.  Sit in a chair.

8.  Keep his hands off another child’s work.

9.  Remember directions in a sequence:

  • Get the water work apron
  • Put it on
  • Carry the tray to the table

10. Return work to the shelf.

11. Wait his turn standing in line.

12. Take his share, but not more, from the snack table.

13. Sit in a circle for approximately 20 minutes each morning.

14. Be responsible about going to the bathroom:

  • Tell teacher he is going and / or willing to go when reminded
  • Not play in the bathroom
  • Wash hands

15. Know which pencils, crayons, or markers go with which activities.

16. Not mix up the activities on the shelves.

17. Listen to a story told to the class without interrupting.

18. Know how to roll up a rug and return it to a box.

19. Know which hook, cubby, and backpack are his.

Don’t be surprised, if your child answers “nothing” when you ask him what he did today! He’s been so busy that he can’t possibly remember it all!