Starting School: A Checklist

Get off to a good start with all your ducks in a row! Questions? Call Cinthia at 703-481-6678 or send us an email.

Signed Forms and Fees

  • Enrollment forms
  • A signed contract
  • First month’s tuition
  • Enrollment fees

The school will provide the following:

  • A canvas tote bag (a “cubby bag”) for daily use to and from school
  • A lunch bag, if applicable, with a reusable plate, cup, and utensils for school use
  • A vinyl nap mattress and nap sheets, if your child is in preschool and stays until 3:00 or later

You will need to provide the following:

  • A backpack (this can stay at school during the week, but should be taken home each Friday)
  • A complete change of clothes (this can stay in the backpack until needed)
  • A soft nap toy (nothing noisy, please) and blanket, if your child is in preschool and stays until 3:00 or later

We’ll make sure you know where the following activities take place, so that your first few days are smooth:

  • Sign your child in every morning upon arrival and out upon dismissal
  • Have your child hang up her backpack
  • Have your child put her lunch bag on its spot on the lunch bag shelf
  • Have your child wash her hands before entering the classroom
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